Little Thetford Baptist Chapel

Way of the Cross.Ely Cathedral

                            Chapel location

           Main Street-Little Thetford-Ely

                  Cambridgeshire.CB6 3HA

   Church Pastor - Tudor Parsons


About us:

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Tudor Parsons-Church Pastor

Appointed in 2009 by the membership, Tudor serves as the Pastor whilst also running his own recruitment business during the week.In 2013 he passed the selection process for Spurgeons Theological College-London but has felt led by the Lord to remain within the village, at least for now.

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The 'Baptist Chapel` was originally built in June 1867. The 19th century encompased a period of time of great expansion within the Baptsit denomination. The great 'Prince Of Preachers' Charles Hadden Spurgeon was himself preaching down the A10 in Waterbeach Baptist Chapel at the start of his ministry.

Today, as with many small rural village churches, church attendance struggles, which echoes the commitment to Christ throughout this country as a percentage of the population that still attend church.

That said, although small, we are a gentle loving fellowship, who earnestly seek Gods will, both for our lives and for those we pray for. Indeed, as Pastor, I have an expectant heart to see the Holy Spirit move within all individuals that trully humble themselves to Christs Lordship over their lives.

Weekly bible teaching, homegroups when we can,prayer and fellowship bind us together.

In many ways I see this church as similar to the early  Christian church.Uncomplicated, not without it's struggles, but incrediblyloving.Over the last eight years the Lord has sent a wide variety of people to us, a number of which, returned to church after many years away.In 2014 we were awarded a grant and the chapel was refurbished to its near former glory.Praise God

For we indeed serve a Lord of great provision.

These teddy bears were knitted by Hilda Chapman ( church member) for a childrens charity in Milton and many others were sent abroad as presents. This picture will serve as our congregation until we have authorisation to post all the individuals photographs.

Easter day sunrise at Grunty Fen...

Baking cupcakes at home

Church Services...

        Each Sunday commencing at 10.30 am


        Holy Communion 1st Sunday in each month

Coffee Morning-1st & 3rd Wednesday of each month at 10 o'clock

Home bible fellowship group summer period in consideration to senior citizens participation

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Doreen Hatley-Deacon

Prayer and Spritual warrior

Doreen joined us in 2013 transferring her membership from her previous Baptist church.

Since joining with us Doreen has been a constant source of encouragement and support.

We elected Doreen in this critical supporting leadership role in September 2017.